Marketplace Overview Stats and information about the ARTIST Marketplace


Welcome to the ARTIST Marketplace. Its purpose is to offer developers the opportunity to share reusable MDA models, meta-models, transformations or other useful artefacts.

This page offers some statistics about the current content available in the Marketplace.

Your other options are:

  • On the Table of Artefacts page, you can navigate through the offered artefacts in table form. You can also search artefacts by their tags, categories or sort them by their average rating.
  • On the Browse by project and package page, you can navigate through the offered artefacts following the structure of the repository.
  • Finally on the Browse by category page, you can navigate the artefacts according to their assigned tags.
  • Registered users can publish new artefacts or manage their previously published artefacts on the My Artefacts page.



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